The peculiarity of this service is that it allows you to place orders with different suppliers within the same COUNTRY (e.g. CHINA) or geographic area (e.g. Far East) and group all the goods into a single container that will be delivered to you.

Or to assemble within a container goods destined for different customers within the same COUNTRY (e.g. UAE), and simply dispatch the whole container; once the container reaches its destination, the goods will be delivered to the various customers-receivers.

Efficient: It enables you to optimise costs and minimise risks. It also allows you to make modest orders more frequently and have the stock always assorted with the minimum investment, leaving unchanged the relationships with the various suppliers and the guarantee of having all the goods delivered at the same time.

  • For example: You have three or more suppliers in China, in different locations (Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Ningbo, etc), we take care of contacting the suppliers and conveying the goods to the most strategic warehouse, taking into account the volume of each shipment and the nearest and most advantageous loading port.
    Or you can send samples to three or more potential new customers in the United Arab Emirates; we will book a container for you in which to store the various shipments for the different customers and ship the container to the most convenient destination, deconsolidate the goods and deliver them individually to the various receivers.

Practical and economical: very suitable to the new way of doing business, without the need to make large orders and store goods in your warehouse; or simply to send or receive samples of a new product you intend to offer or market.

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