We offer a set of transactions for marketing goods and services between producers (offer) and consumers (demand), carried out through the Internet (B2B – B2C – B2G).

Business-to-business, often referred to with the acronym B2B, is an expression used to describe electronic business transactions between businesses, distinguishing them from those between businesses and other groups, such as those between a company and consumers/individual customers (B2C, Business to Customer or Business to Consumer), or between a business and the government (B2G, from Business to Government).

With Business to Consumer, often abbreviated as B2C, we indicate the relationships that a commercial company holds with its customers for sales and/or assistance activities. This acronym is used above all when the interaction between company and customer takes place via the Internet, as in the case of electronic commerce.

Business to Government electronic commerce, abbreviated B2G, is electronic commerce between market operators (Businesses) and public administration structures (Government).

It is also called Business to Administration (B2A).

There is a type of electronic commerce that is carried out in the field of public procurement with E-procurement, that is, with public purchases made through electronic trading platforms.

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