Withdrawal and delivery on all national territory of any type of goods, quantity, weight and size.

Home delivery is a service that consists of transporting goods directly to the customer’s home. Home delivery is offered by many companies to their customers, according to a customer care policy, as an added benefit and a minimum fee to cover costs can be charged, or it can be offered free of charge. In the latter case, the fixed costs of the service are already included in the price of the sold goods.

In many cases, home delivery is the main or only way to distribute a company’s products and is often associated with mail orders. Some companies, such as public and private postal services, have specialised as service providers and as intermediaries between manufacturers or distributors and end customers.

Home delivery covers practically all commodity sectors, from food to clothing, to many kind of mobile goods.

The delivery times vary according to the company’s instructions, however they are defined beforehand. Some companies that operate in vast areas, national or international, allow the customer to check in real time (on the Internet, or by telephone) the position of the goods, to find out the delivery status.


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