Over 20,000 sq. m available for any short and long term storage needs.

There are different definitions of logistics, each of which differs for the breadth of vision with which this matter is considered.

According to the definition given by the Italian Association of Logistics (AILOG), it is “the set of organisational, management and strategic activities that govern the company’s flow of materials and related information from their origin at the supplier’s premises up to delivery of finished products to customers and after-sales service”.

According to the definition given by Society Of Logistic Engineers (SOLE), logistics is “art and science of organisation, design and technical activity regarding the requirements, definition, supply, and resources needed to support goals, plans and operations”.

It can be said that logistics is the science of transporting products from one place to another on time, in an efficient way and at the lowest possible cost, and includes managing the exchange processes of related data and information.


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